Bart The Bat


The Bart The Bat Book Series

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Bart's Batty Rhymes Series

The Little Red ROAR-AT, was awarded Third Place in the Children's/Young Adult Fiction category of the 90th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition!

Bart the Bat - Book 5

Learn the surprising facts from the ROAR-AT that make bats earth's most endearing friend!


Bart The Bat - Book 4

Zoe has a Pony, and Mommy does too. Will Bart ever get his pony?


Bart the Bat - Book 3

For little bee-saving warriors everywhere: an adventure that's sweet as honey..


Bart's Storyline Series

Bart the Bat - Book 1

Zoe LOVES bats!!! Mom Does NOT. Will LOVE win? A tale of batty love.


Bart the Bat - Book 2

A guest has come to stay at Zoe's house, but Zoe has a secret. Still, she will learn the greatest of all secrets; "Love is Forever."


For signed copies of the above book's, click "Book Adventures -> Signed Books"

Bart The Bat Merch

Coming Soon!!!

Available now on Amazon, Inspired by our book, "Sleeping BEE-auty", BEE LOVE!! Show your love for our little helpful flying friends!

Poor Bart!!! He burped... he's sorry. Inspired by "Sleeping BEE-auty". Don't forget to pick up the book for your little ones!

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Some months ago, I asked how many of you would be up for getting a Teddy Bat for your little ones to show that you support bats in the time of Covid.

If you are truly interested, I have started a special email list that will be used SOLELY for the communication of the "Teddy Bat" project status and updates for you.