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The Product that started it all in Re-usables...

FinalStraw is in two of my books, (in pictures) - a big thank you to FinalStraw and to anyone who makes the planet a safer, better place for animals and my humans!

Ok, This is MY Favorite Straw. My human has watched this commercial a million times, it makes her laugh, it's brilliant... thank you FinalStraw for allowing my human to use it in my book, "The Bat That Came To Breakfast". She really loves her rainbow-colored straw and she is quick to show it to the little humans. Get yours and help save all my ocean friends, and the whole world that I love to fly in!!! Find the rainbow straw here:

Part of this was an April Fools joke- (Its hilarious.) but the other (FinalWipe) has a sanitizer tablet you drop into the container with water to sanitize. BRILLIANT! We bought several of these for our batty friends through kickstarter.

Self explanatory. We bought in on the kick starter!