The Bat That Came To Breakfast

Bart the Bat - Book 1

Zoe liked Bats.

She had dreams in bat... flying wildly, chasing bugs in her dreams.

She even asked her mother if she could have one for a pet.

But the bats must have heard her, because one day...

A BAT came to breakfast!

Bart Befriends A Butterfly

Bart the Bat - Book 2

A guest has come to stay at Zoe's house, but Zoe has a secret. Still, she will learn the greatest of all secrets; "Love is Forever."

Sleeping Bee-auty

Bart the Bat - Book 3

Buzz Bee of the Queen's Guard shrieked, beside himself.

His Queen, Barb Bee lay still on the ground.

Buzz enlists the Help of Bart, our favorite bat, in the hope of saving the Queen...

Can they save Queen Barb Bee? Can YOU save a bee?

A sleeping BEE-auty story... with a twist!

A Sleeping Beauty Story...With A Twist!

Available now on Amazon, Inspired by our book, "Sleeping BEE-auty", BEE LOVE!! Show your love for our little helpful flying friends!

Poor Bart!!! He burped... he's sorry. Inspired by "Sleeping BEE-auty". Don't forget to pick up the book for your little ones!

I am SO EXCITED to bring this to you. My bat senses are tingling! (just a sec while my human takes over...😜🦇 )

Bart's most recent adventure, "Sleeping BEE-eauty" Kindle edition and softcover is here! We are excited to"BEE" bringing it to you!

Stay Batty!!!

From the desk of H.D Vesser: The book is finally up! We are excited to present to you “ The Bat That Came To Breakfast” and "Bart Befriends A Butterfly" revised versions!

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