Bart The Bat

The Little Red


From the Author, H.D. Vesser

We are so happy to announce our award from the 90th Annual Writers Digest Writing Competition.

We received the following communication from them:

"Among the nine competition categories, there were over 3,000 entries in total – our judges were very impressed!

As you already know, your entry was selected to represent your category as a Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition Winner; and we understand how important bragging rights can be!"


What started this book?

For the longest time (since COVID started) I have been trying to think of a way to give a voice to bats and the good they do.

To show people how amazing they are...

After a while, my online friend, Lori sent my Facebook group a comic about Bats.

It was created BRILLIANTLY by Rohan Chakravarty. For more information (click the image to be taken to his website,

That combined in my mind with a Poem by Shel Silverstein's "Warning" poem:

And finally, the Mahna-Mahna guy from the Muppets (my favorite show when I was a kid) was the inspiration for the red haired, moss-wearing, nature boy dynamo that is known as a "ROAR-AT." So who is the Mahna-Mahna guy?

And if you watched that, sorry, you'll never get it out of your head...