Bart The Bat

Bart Befriends A Butterfly

Memorial Wall

This Page is especially for those of you who have lost loved ones as I did.

Especially to the girl I spoke to about the butterfly who teared up when I told her the story of the Butterfly.

She told me "My grandma died 2 weeks ago." We just sat and cried together.

I told her that " they will send you messages." Look for those.

Those we love never truly leave us.

I believe they look in on us, and they send messages if we pay attention.

Print out the butterfly below.

I want you to think of those you love and lost as if they were a butterfly. (Or maybe they just send you one.)

What would they look like if they were a butterfly? Maybe even take a picture you have of them and put it on the butterfly.

What colors would they be? Color the butterfly.

What would they say to you as a butterfly? Write that on the page.

What memories would you like to write about? Write that on the page. (Or have an adult do it with you if you need help.)

What do you think they would want you to remember about them? Write it down or have an adult help you.

Laminate the page and put it somewhere you can look at it whenever you miss them.

Our memorial page is now set up for you. Send us an email at with your special picture and we will upload it to the memorial page.

Lots of love to all of you!

Love BART and his human H.D. Vesser