Welcome to my products page. My human and I have plans for many more books in this series... 4 are in the works right now with over 50 book ideas and counting.. Come back often to see more on Bart's latest adventures...

Sleeping BEE-auty

Bart's Big Book of BEE

A Sleeping BEE-auty story... with a twist!

Bart Befriends A Butterfly

A guest has come to stay at Zoe's house, but Zoe has a secret. Still, she will learn the greatest of all secrets; "Love is Forever."

The Bat that came to Breakfast

The book that started it all....

Zoe liked Bats.

She had dreams in bat... flying wildly, chasing bugs in her dreams.

She even asked her mother if she could have one for a pet.

But the bats must have heard her, because one day...

A BAT came to breakfast!